Weissman's Pet Boarding, LLC
Warminster Pennsylvania

Est. 2014 - Ivyland Pennsylvania


Overnight Pet Boarding cost: $40 per night. 

Any additional pets from same household are $10 off the nightly rate.  ($30 per night).
EX. Two dogs from the same household = $70 per night,  Three dogs from same household = $100 per night, and so on.

We offer flexible transportation for all of our overnight guests for additional cost depending on milage. 


-To maintain a safe environment, all pets boarding with us must socialize well with other animals and people. 

-All pets over the age of  6 months 
 must be spayed or neutered.

-Vaccinations must be up to date. 
Required vaccines are: 

Mandatory: We must have a copy of your pets Rabies Certificate present at the scheduled meet and greet. 

-All dogs must go through a "Meet and Greet" before they board with us so we can meet your pet, evaluate behavior, and go over vaccinations and paperwork. 

If you have not yet boarded with us and would like to book a reservation we ask that you contact us at least two weeks prior to the dates you would like to board your pet. This gives us time to schedule a meet and greet.